Storytelling – It’s the little things that count

Mai is an international student from Vietnam, she came to Melbourne to study in RMIT few months ago. She loves this city for its diversity and the great encouragement to be environmentally friendly. She found out that there are recycling systems in Melbourne which helps to reduce the waste that are thrown in landfills.

Therefore, Mai started to separate her waste for recycling bins and for general waste disposals. Whenever she has unwanted items, she will try to find out whether it can be recycled or re-used.

One day, Mai’s pen ran out of ink and she decide to dispose it. However, when she came to the recycling bin, there was no sign to indicate if a pen can be recycled. Pens are made of plastic, but is it the suitable plastic for recycling? Mai tried to find out on the Internet, but there are only very general descriptions on recyclable items. Mai still doesn’t know if her pen can be recycled or not.

After all the trouble and contemplation, Mai decided to put her pen in the general waste bin with some guilt, as she had a feeling pens can be recycled, she was only contributing to the landfill waste.


About Kay

I am a full time mother and a part time wife
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