From the survey we conducted, we also recorded the reasons to why people do or do not recycle, and what they would do if they were unsure if their garbage was recyclable or not.

Main Reasons Why People Recycle:

  • The building they live in enforces recycling and separating waste items
  • It’s convenient to find recycling bins/areas
  • A social conscience towards the environment

Main Reasons Why People Do NOT Recycle:

  • People are lazy/cannot be bothered
  • Recycling bins are unavailable or inconvenient to use

Reactions to items that people aren’t sure of recycling:

  • Throw it into the general waste bins where it’ll be disposed of properly anyway
  • Put it aside for later, to consult someone else or the Internet
  • Re-use the item if possible, if not, place it in general waste
  • Leave it somewhere for someone else to dispose

Majority of people recycle because they are “forced” to by where they reside (bins/collection areas are available), and they rest of them are aware of the environmental issues. However, majority of people who do not recycle are simply not bothered to as they find it inconvenient or a waste of effort.

In general, people do know how to recycle, it’s not because of a lack of education that leads people to dispose their waste irresponsibly. It is ignorance that invites them to switch off their social conscience, and dispose their waste in whatever way and method they want. It is usually because of regulations and guilt that people are driven to play their part.

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