After I sat next to the bins (in RMIT) for an hour, I found out that most of the people just put their garbage in the general waste bin, and about 1 out of 7 people use the recycling bin.

It’s concluded that the designer of the recycling bin created the purpose for people to think before they dispose items into it. The opening of the recycle bin is smaller and round in shape, and has icons of things such as bottles printed on the bin. Therefore, when people dispose their waste, it is easier to throw things in the general waste bin instead of wondering if their rubbish is acceptable for recycling purposes.

I was sitting around lunch time, so the garbage thrown are mostly food scraps, food wrappers/containers, and drink bottles/cans, etc. Most people throw their food scraps and wrappers, in the general waste bin, whereas it’s only bottles that are placed in the recycling bin. The plastic containers and cans that can be recycled as well, are simply tossed into the general waste bin as well.


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I am a full time mother and a part time wife
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