What can and can’t you recycle?

Each community has their own regulations on what can be recycled and what cannot. Always check with your community recycling program to see what’s ok before you start. We’ve found that, in most communities, the following recycling do’s and don’ts usually apply.OK to recycle:

  • High-quality plastics labeled with number one and two recycling symbols.
  • Food and beverage containers, such as milk, soda, water, salad dressings, etc.
  • Jars and canisters, like peanut butter jars, soap, aspirin bottles, etc.
  • Cleaning products and detergents, including bleach, soap, shampoo, drain cleaners, etc.
  • Automotive and yard care products, but make sure the containers are emptyfor those like antifreeze, oil, plant food and herbicide containers. Side Note: Most oil change places will recycle your old oil,etc from mowers, etc. Make sure to call and verify though.
  • Junk or direct mail, including brochures, fliers, white/light envelopes, etc.
  • Aluminum, tin and steel cans, such as soda, beer, tuna, vegetable, etc.
  • Printed paper like newspaper, magazines, phone books, legal pads, etc.

NOT OK to Recycle:

  • Plastic bags
  • Newspaper delivery bags
  • Styrofoam
  • Lids from glass containers
  • Pizza boxes
  • Phone books
  • Mirrors
  • Aerosol cans
  • Paint cans
  • Wax paper
  • Food-soiled paper
  • Window glass
  • Ceramics
  • Light bulbs
  • Microwaveable food trays
  • Other types of plastic not labeled as CA Redemption Value or CA Cash Refund,
    including, household cleaners, cough syrup, shampoo bottles, condiment bottles,
    cosmetic containers, ketchup bottles, yogurt cups, deli product containers, egg cartons, disposable
    cups, ready-made lunch containers, etc.



Office paper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, cereal boxes, and any other paperboard cartons are accepted.
Brown paper bags are also accepted. (Please remove any carbon paper, plastic, and Styrofoam.)

Staples and paper clips do not have to be removed.

Mixed Paper


Corrugated boxes only, (boxes must be free of plastic, Styrofoam, wood, etc.



Cans need to be empty and free from any foreign debris.

Aluminum Cans


Cans need to be emptied and rinsed. Labels do not need to be removed.
Aerosols are acceptable if empty. Please remove any plastic caps or lids from the can.

Soup cans


Only food and beverage containers are accepted. Remove all lids and rinse containers. There is no need to remove labels.
Clear bottles and jars must be separated from colored bottles and jars.

Light bulbs, ceramics, glass cookware, mirrors, window plate glass, or auto glass are not accepted.

Glass bottles


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