What are recycle #1 and #2 symbols for?


Look on the bottom of plastic containers for the number located in the center of the recycling symbol. We are able to recycle #1 and #2 plastics and certain plastic bags and shrink-wrap. The symbols will look like this:

#1 (PETE): These are typically found in the form of soft drink bottles.

Soda bottles

#2 Natural (HDPE): Most commonly milk jugs.

Milk jugs

#2 Colored (HDPE): Most commonly laundry detergent bottles, bleach bottles, etc.

( Please rinse out all bottles, discard all caps/lids, and flatten containers to save space.)

Colored plastic jugs

Plastic product bags (shopping bags, bread bags, dry-clean bags, etc.) and shrink-wrap bags must be clean & dry. No black bags.

Bags and shrink-wrap are NOT collected at curbside.

plastic bags


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