Videos of Recycle

This is an interesting animation that I found on Youtube about recycle.
It is about recycling, where things can transform to other things.

This is another interesting animation,
It is telling a story about a plastic bag get recycle.

When I was surfing in youtube, there are lots of video about waste and recycle.
When I watch them, they all have very similar approach,
is to show how bad if we don’t recycle, and I am sick of watching them anymore.

Then  I came across with these two animation that is very interesting.
It used a fun and positive way to show the messaging of recycle.
It is attractive and people will want to watch it until the end.

It  reminds me that I heard some people are sick of sustainability,
as they heard a lot at school.
Students have been told that you should do 3R,
if not, you will be the bad guy, bla bla bla….

Why it needs to be an order? Or so negative?
If recycle is a fun and interactive thing and people are encouraged,
just like the fun theory, then people will be more willing to do so.

We all should agree that we like to do things that is fun and positive,
not orders or pushing.


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I am a full time mother and a part time wife
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One Response to Videos of Recycle

  1. buithao says:

    I agree. If people are willing to do it, they’ll do it way better than when it’s an order or compulsory.

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