The Mini Return Brief

As garbage is filling up landfills at an unsustainable pace, making most major cities overload with waste, the world becomes more aware of how to reduce the amount of trash, and its importance. Separating and recycling is a common way to go. There are many different types of recycling bins designated to store, sort and process different types of recyclable waste such as paper, plastic, aluminum, tin cans, glass, etc. These bins are found in homes, businesses and even on some street corners.

However, people usually do not always dispose their rubbish into the respective bin, or they may just dump all the waste and recyclables together in one bin.  We may ask why don’t people want to use the recycle bins?  Probably the lack thereof responsibility, or they simple don’t understand the what should be disposed into the recycling bin.  For example, a pizza box is made of cardboard (which is a recyclable material) but it should not be thrown into the recycling bin, hence this maybe confusing.

There are people in the world who don’t understand the need to recycle, they may not be well-informed about it due to the lack of an education of the environment. In some developing countries, people only understand the basics of recycling in school, this may lead them to underestimate the importance of recycling.

Due to above problems that we had identified, our team is going to find a way or create an application that sends detailed information of the benefits/importance of recycling to educate people on how to do so effectively.

The “application” that we intend to design should work for the State Council in Australia as they are the main priority stakeholders. General households or even people who come from overseas and stay temporarily in Australia, such as international students, are also examples of stakeholders towards the aim of encouraging recycling and proper disposal of waste.

State Council is our main priority stakeholder because the process in order to recycle and determine the method of destroying waste in Australia is all decided and ran by a council for the environment. Which in different states of Australia they have their own methods of separating and recycling their garbage. The application should be useful for them in order to educate people in different states to get to know how they should manage their own garbage properly.

Many households and people living in Australia are encouraged to recycle and dispose their waste in their respective bins and disposal sites; however, it is evident that some people simply do not care to do so appropriately. We believe that many people want to help the environment but do not know how their carelessness may go a long way with others to affect the environment. This application/solution will promote and remind people the importance of recycling and proper disposal of waste.

Kylie Tsui


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