Waste and recycling

The theme that we are doing is Waste and recycling. We found out, the reason why people don’t use the recycle bin for their rubbish is that they completely lack responsibility or they don’t understand which kind of rubbish should go to the general/ recycle bin. There is some rubbish that you cannot actually put into the recycle bin even though they are paper products, so this may be confusing. Also a reason that they don’t use it is because some of the places where they live, don’t have a recycling programme. 

The people don’t have an idea or knowledge about recycling. What we think is related to education. People learn some basic sense of recycling in school, but they may not know exactly what to do when it actually come to recycling.





–          This website showed the result of survey about “Why people don’t recycle” with different ages people. For them “convenience” is the main reason that they don’t use the recycling system. Although convenience and storage are the main reasons people do not recycle, there are other factors, including confusing programs. One of the person said “You can’t mix this plastic with that one. Cardboard is OK, but not that pizza box, even though it’s cardboard. Recyclers have their own language. It’s like a foreign country, and I don’t want to be a tourist there,” We can tell people feel confusing to find out which kind of rubbish should put into the recycle bin or not from this answer.


There is some addition information below about what can/can’t go into your garbage bin:

City of Ballarat


City of Yarra




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